Qantas B744 @YSSY - 211330ZAPR20

  • Aircraft and Livery: B747-400

  • Route: YSSY-FAOR

  • Time of Departure: 1300Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Join me flying from Sydney to Johannesburg ! The flight is around 13 hours. We will depart from runway 34L. Arriving in to Johannesburg from the wast for an ILS approach into runway 03R/21L. The flight plan is as followed:

YSSY ANKUB 3433S/15047E 3458S/15006E RAZZI TANTA RUMIE NABBA BULLA TAREX LIZZI ML SPODD 4114S/13515E 4412S/12626E 4501S/12325E 4528S/12141E 4717S/11316E 4751S/10547E 4653S/9942E 4617S/9620E 4536S/9221E 4437S/8542E 4324S/7725E 4258S/7500E 4228S/7236E 4151S/6910E 4104S/6434E 4015S/6104E 3858S/5700E 3808S/5440E 3648S/5059E 3558S/4830E 3400S/4200E 3230S/3905E 3106S/3627E 2946S/3355E RBV ESVIR EVARI EPSAK 2708S/2908E STV JS017 ETLIG 2616S/2812E FAOR

I look forward to you all joining me!


Just an error, you said arrival into Heathrow however you also said the route was to Jo’Burg, might wanna clear that up :)

Oh,I forgot that.I copied the text from MishaThank you for notice me:)

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it’s amazing that i was planning to fly YSSY - FAOR in the exact same aircraft exact same livery and i was even planning to depart at 1300Z 😇
see you!

Will see you at Sydney :)

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