Qantas announces the longest flight ever

I’ve heard that Qantas will fly non stop from Sydney to London which will be a total of 20 hours of flight ! In your opinion, is it too much ? (Imagine seating in an economy class seat)


I heard this ages ago. The tickets are already sold out I heard!


Ive sat in a 10 hour flight in economy and it wasnt pleasant at all so double that would be horrible


Say hello to a massive increase in DVT cases for those poor souls stuck in cattle class!


This should be interesting. 🤔😁 Somebody’s putting the 787-9s range out there. Cant wait to fly it when it launches.

Business class flyers, such as myself would adore this flight.


This is tragic for those who must fly in economy. May god rest their souls.


That would somewhat ruin Qantas and Emirates’ partnership in Dubai.

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Your right, it would hurt as it stops connections and more money for the airport and business. But it would save Qantas landing fees at DXB!


Oddly enough why do you think the Middle East 3 are desperate to buy up the 787/777X/A350-1000 production lines. Flights of this duration negate the need to ‘hub’ anywhere and remove the purpose of the flashy middle east airports.

Interesting times ahead I feel.


And they have the money because of all the government subsidy money, a total violation of the Open Skies Agreement.

Won’t start until 2022.

Well, to be honest, the Open Skies agreement only exists between Northern Europe and North America so they’re not too fussed about it.

Competition laws exist in the US and Europe, they don’t really exist in the ME so subsidy funding isn’t seen as ‘illegal’ there just supporting business.


It would still be in violation to something they agreed to. The agreement allows X airline to fly from anywhere in their home country to anywhere in the destination country.

People, did we forget a problem here. Which Aircraft will be used on this route. Qantas has said many times that the might choose the a350-9ULR, or the 777-8 (which will come in time before the route launches). Which aircraft do you think QANTAS will choose. Don’t start an argument down below. Give a proper, REASONABLE response as to why you chose the aircraft. No because Boeing or Airbus is better.

In my Opinion, I think the 777-8 because of this. If the a350s problem doesn’t get fixed soon Qantas might choose the 777-8. But, this is just my opinion guys.

  • Boeing 777-8 or 9X
  • a350-9ULR.

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Is this non stop flight ??

@Subhaxs If you read the post, it answers your question.


They have mentioned before that they will be using the 787-9 for this.

I don’t think the is unreasonable, the people payed for the economy ticket, therefore they should know what too expect.


No, that was for the London to Perth route that is starting in March.

Oh, my mistake. Got the routes mixed up.

Really? In the news articles it mentioned 777-8 or a350ULR