Qantas Announces Seasonal Services to Rome

Qantas Adds Service to Rome, announces additional European Connections


Qantas has announced services to Rome directly from Australia, after 20 years since their exit from the eternal city. The airline will operate a thrice weekly seasonal service from Sydney via Perth beginning 22 June, through to 6 October. The flight will operate using the Boeing 787-9 Dream(liner.

Rome was selected as demand for Qantas’ Kangaroo Route took off, as Aussies look to make up for lost time during border closures. It also comes after new flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Delhi, and the restart of flights to Los Angeles, London and Singapore.

Qantas will also offer connections to 16 destinations throughout Europe including Madrid, Athens, Frankfurt and Nice, as well as 15 destinations within Italy including Venice and Milan. These flights will be operated by partners: Iberia, British Airways and Ita, among others.

This is super exciting news for Australia, as Aussies look forward to new holiday destinations throughout Europe, with Qantas expected to continue expansion plans into key cities on the continent.

For more, including comments made by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, click here:


Makes sense since a lot of Aussies have Italian ancestry or who have relatives who are from there, kinda surprised its going to be a seasonal route, thought they’d run it all year through since most long haul routes go all year round.

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I see it more as Qantas dipping their toes in, just to see what the demand is like before they take the full plunge. That being said, if the demand is strong, I could see Qantas making it a year round service.

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Hope it comes to year round cause a lot of Aussies seem to like going there for vacation and stuff.

Hopefully the pandemic doesn’t disrupt the WA border, seemingly at the moment like the lockdown their is going to last longer at the look of things. In future hope they introduce Paris into the mix, if they plan to expand more euro routes out of there!

No where in Australia is in lockdown…

WA, is the only one currently still in lockdown mode, they open till Feb 5 2022, probably likely going to be longer given they changed the date so many times now, but the rest of the states in Australia have opened up.

That’s a locked border, lockdown typically(perhaps it’s different elsewhere) refers to the domestic situation, with like restrictions on leaving your house etc etc

Technically the same thing but guess we have different perspective.

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If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s to take anything that guys says and give it the opposite meaning, cause that’s what he means. :P

But yeah, I hope so too. If it does, Qantas will probably just operate the flights via Darwin, as they are with the flights to London.

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