Qantas Announces Airbus as Preferred Aircraft for Fleet Renewal

Qantas Selects Airbus as Preferred Aircraft for Domestic Fleet Renewal

Exciting news from the Qantas News Room, as the Qantas Group has selected Airbus as their preferred choice of aircraft for their domestic fleet renewal. Specifically, Qantas has selected the A320neo and A220 families of aircraft. These aircraft will replace Qantas’ aging Boeing 737-800’s and Boeing 717-200’s.

The airline expects an initial order of 40 aircraft, 20 Airbus A321XLR’s and 20 of the Airbus A220-300’s, with options for Airbus A220-100’s. The orders will combine with an existing Jetstar order, giving Qantas the flexibility on timing and aircraft type and size.

Once finalised, this order will make up the largest aircraft order in Australian aviation history. As aircraft manufactures went head to head to get Qantas’ orders, with Airbus winning out. Other aircraft in consideration were the Embraer E-Jet-E2 and Boeing 737MAX.

“This is a clear sign of our confidence in the future and we’ve locked in pricing just ahead of what’s likely to be a big uptick in demand for next-generation narrow-body aircraft. That’s good news for our customers, our people and our shareholders.”
Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO

For more information, and further comments made by the Qantas CEO, you can click the link below:

What are your thoughts on Qantas’ renewal plans? I think it’s quite exciting and very interesting to see what aircraft Qantas have chosen, joining the status quo and hopping on the Airbus bandwagon!


Wow ok, they must seem to love Airbus more than Boeing these days!


Maybe! It seems like it.

Love to see Airbus getting more orders! Now if Airbus secures an AFKLM order they will have a truly great year.

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Absolutely! Some great profits going their way.

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Yes! The A220 will always be superior! Now the A220 will have another major region that it flies in and the advantage for Qantas is, that it can also fly internationally and sort of long-haul when there isn’t enough demand for the A320neo family

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Yeah… I spose. Was a very good choice from Qantas, the cheapest one overall.

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