Qantas and Aer Lingus New Livery Comparison - What are your thoughts?

Hello, Infinite Flight Community! Just recently, Aer Lingus has unveiled a brand new livery. A few years ago, Qantas also unveiled a new livery. So far, I have seen some similarities between the two liveries. For example, the bands before the coloured tail (on Qantas - Grey band, on Aer Lingus - Green band). Upon reading other topics, I’ve found that there are other airlines with a similar livery, but these two stood out.

Qantas’ new livery on A330-300:

Aer Lingus’ new livery on A330-300:

Here are some videos:


Aer Lingus:

What are your thoughts?

PS: This is the first topic I’ve ever created on IFC so try not to be…mean or something like that. Show some love and support! Omg, that sounded soo cringe…


My opinion is that they look quite similar, and that the Qantas livery looks better, although the Aer Lingus livery does not look half bad.

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Aww… Thanks for doing that! I will definitely remember this for next time! I deeply appreciate what you have done. :D

I could also say the same about your opinion. When I first saw Aer Lingus’ new livery. I thought it wasn’t bad at all…until I read the comments on YouTube…


The Grey Lining on the Qantas is the perfect touch…Qantas FTW


I know right! That’s what I also thought when I first saw this… But, it’s quite refreshing to see a new Aer Lingus.

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The perfect touch indeed… I wouldn’t be able to imagine any other colour that could do a better job than the grey band…

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It is indeed good to see a new livery!

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While these liverys look the same, I’m guess Aer Lingus had long talks internally about the design of their new livery so they wouldn’t have to deal with a PR mess of them looking like they have the same livery as Qantas.

This reminds me of the Qantas v Westjet fiasco a few months back. That was almost a carbon copy. This, although the same tail design is nothing like that.


What was the fiasco about? I forgot… Did it have anything to do with the livery or slogan (Qantas: Spirit of Australia, WestJet: The Spirit of Canada)?

It’s a bit of both

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Oh… Okay! Interesting…

Oh, one more thing. I’ve added videos to my first post regarding the transformations from both airlines old liveries to the new ones… Watch them if you want… :D

A lot of airlines have adopted the extended tail design for a livery. I like the Aer Lingus livery, the colors are nice. I think it marks the era just like the stripe along the windows.

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You couldn’t have said it any better… :)

Basically the same

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