Qantas Aircraft with Rebranded Livery

List what aircraft have been painted in the 2016 livery.

If a MOD could make this a wiki

List of aircraft:

Airbus A330-300

  • VH-QPJ (October 2016) - Now in “Mardi Gras” special livery (February 2017)
  • VH-QPI (December 2016)
  • VH-QPH (December 2016)
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VH-QPI, another A330-300 rolled out in the new livery in December.

VH-QPJ has been repainted again into the Mardi Gras livery


I believe most international ones have the new livery .

I’m using this website to keep track of repainted aircraft:

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From what i have heard VH-QPH has been repainted

edit I can confirm VH-QPH has been repainted

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Great! How did you find it?

On the site you posted
Silver roo has a whole section. So we have Three A330’s flying around in the silver roo livery

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Ah ok great! It wasn’t in the repaint posts section.

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