Qantas Airbus A380-842 Sliver Roo Livery

Qantas Airbus A380-842 Sliver Roo Livery

Qantas Airbus A380-842 Taxing at SYD

My Point of View

Qantas is Australia’s most popular airline to travel with, dating back 99 years making 2020 their 100th year as a company. This request is for the Qantas Airbus A380-842 in the Sliver Roo Livery on VH-OQA (Nancy-Bird Walton).

Qantas’s Point Of View

About a hundred years ago something special happened in Australia. In a nation of just four million people, at the far end of the world, Australia produced a generation of global aviation pioneers. Qantas is the heir to their extraordinary legacy.

Qantas is very proud to be naming our A380 fleet after our aviation legends. Among them will be Charles Kingsford Smith, Reg Ansett, Hudson Fysh, Bert Hinkler and David Warren, who invented the Black Box Flight Recorder.

And on September 30 2008, in a very special ceremony, we named our first A380 after Nancy-Bird Walton - an inspiring Australian who overcame the same challenges as her peers, while overcoming the sexism of her times.

Qantas was absolutely delighted that Nancy agreed to have this first A380 named in her honour.

Airbus A380-800 Technical Specs

Typical Seating 555 passengers
Airbus A380 Price (average) US$375.3 Million
Flight Crew 2

Length 73 Metres
Height 24.1 Metres
Fuselage Diameter 7.14 Metres
Cabin Length 50.68 Metres
Maximum Cabin Width, Main Deck 6.58 Metres
Maximum Cabin Width, Upper Deck 5.92 Metres
Wheel Base 30.4 Metres
Track 14.3 Metres
Wing Area 843 Square Metres
Wing Span 79.8m
Sweep, 25% of Chord 33.5%

Maximum Ramp Weight 562,000kg (1,238,998lb)
Maximum Take-off Weight 560,000kg (1,234,600lb)
Maximum Landing Weight 386,000kg (850,984lb)
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 361,000kg (795869lb)
Maximum Fuel Capacity 320,000 Litres
Typical Operating Empty Weight 277,000kg (610,700lb)
Typical Volume Payload 664,000kg (1,463,869lb)

Power plants A380-800 – Four 311kN (70,000lb), initially de-rated to 302kN (68,000lb), later growing to 374kN (84,000lb) thrust
Rolls-Royce Trent 900 or 363kN (81,500lb) thrust Engine Alliance (General Electric-Pratt & Whitney) GP-7200 turbofans.

Range with Maximum Number of Passengers 15,000 Km (8,000 Nm)
Maximum Operating Speed 0.89 Mach
Long Range Cruising Speed 0.85 Mach
Service Ceiling 43.000ft (13,100m)

Total Freight and Cargo Volume 171 Cubic Metres
Bulk Hold Volume 18.4 Cubic Metres
Maximum Volume of Pallets Under Floor 13 Pallets
Container Capacity Underfloor 38 LD3 containers

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Awesome livery! Love the idea!


Thanks mate.

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Awesome livery. I think it might be added once the A380 is fully updated.

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Yeah, I think this livery is missing out, we need this. I’m not gonna vote, but you got my support ;)

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It’s fine mate, I understand not having enough votes.

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Just a bump.

MMM… Love the new font 😍

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Just a bump.

That picture is not LAX. Looks like MEL or SYD, there aren’t Virgin Australia 737s and Etihad A380s at LAX. I would love to see this when the A380 gets a rework. I had a chance to fly the Qantas A380 from MEL to LAX, and it is such a smooth cruising aircraft. I just don’t like how it looks in Infinite Flight though, it needs a full rework.

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Thanks mate for the heads up I searched for the image and it said Sydney. I haven’t sadly flown on the Qantas A380 yet but I hope to in the future.