Qantas A380 VH-OQB Rare Close-Up

As is known by some members in the community (and in my bio), I’m a ramp agent at Sydney airport (domestic) working with mostly A320/1s. The other day, due to a cancelled flight I was able to go to the international terminal and hang out with my favourite aircraft - Qantas A380. Here’s the results:

First image when I found it, I knew it was on the ground but didn’t realise it was at the international terminal.

Just off the airside road approaching the A380.

I have a question about this photo, the connection between the wing and fuselage just under the emergency door there’s a jagged line around the connection. Does anyone know what that is? Seems like it would increase the parasite drag.



I didn’t realise at the time but this aircraft was about to go into service to LAX (QF11) as the first QF A380 service in years. Even flight radar got involved making it the most tracked flight for a while!

Almost 25,000 people watching it at the same time!

Thanks for taking a look, I’ll see if I can get more photos of aircraft from the airside in the future.

Disclaimer: at no point was the security of operations threatened while taking these photos. I am an authorised airport worker participating in authorised activities. Do not attempt unless authorised and/or with permission.

P.S. apologies if anything is in the wrong place/order. While creating this post I experienced multiple bugs with the photo layout and the the ‘!image’ thing appearing without the image as well as the website crashing a few times so I’ve finished writing and just gotta hit create so I don’t completely destroy the topic again.


That is so cool!

That is one reason why I want to become a ramp agent!

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Looks great always love an A380

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Wow that is awesome nice photos

How lucky; Im pretty sure you are still happy about that! 😁

Really nice close-up ! The A380 of Qantas is a beautiful plane ! Hope it’ll be reworked soon ! I live the third one !

*I love the third one, sorry

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I watched the landing live in a live stream and boi was it smooth 🧈

That Tail Shot with the Night Sky glowed up is beautiful!!!

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Absolutely stunning nice work!

Oh didn’t know that ! Thanks a lot !

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