Qantas A380 Lounge

Morning, just wanted to share you guys a bit of insight into a part of the A380 you might not have had the chance to experience. The business lounge on the Qantas A380 is something pretty cool and luckily enough I had the opportunity to visit midway through the Dubai-Sydney leg of QF2. I’ve already done a post about the business class experience but thought considering that post got a fair few likes that you might enjoy this one. The lounge is located at the front of the upper deck of the aircraft just next to the stairs to the lower deck. The PE cabin is literary just behind a curtain behind business so you could quite easily stroll through and access it if the staff don’t catch you (don’t try it though lol). The lounge has a TV (probaly the largest on the plane), a couch for about 6 people, headphones and plenty of legroom. Just outside the area there is a Qantas logo lit up on the wall and a refreshment bar with soft drinks, enjoy the photos :)


So what’s that? A crew rest room? Or for first?

Lounge for Qantas business and first class passengers onboard the aircraft @LouDon16

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Nice this is like behind the scenes of Qantas A380 operations! It looks so relaxing.

I was the only one in there, got a little lonely :(

At least it would have been quiet. And you get the whole space to yourself! Was it cosy?

Seems really quiet and comfy. I think this is one of the advantage of A380, Airlines can make a little lounge in the unused area of the aircraft 😊

I wouldn’t mind to sleep on there xD. Does Economy Pax are allowed to in?


Nice joke. Lol no, it would be a nightmare if that happened


Those seats don’t look really comfortable…

But were they?

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I would imagine if crying babies are allowed to enter the lounge 😂😂😂

I wish I can have a visit and relax on that comfy seats duh


They’re big plump cushions! What do you expect? Maybe not if you’re 300kg.


It’s nice but it doesn’t match up to the standards of Emirates or Etihad sadly. I do like the red sofa


As @Liam_purcell said , compared to Qatar or even Emirates this is like chalk and cheese !

On a side note i would really like to see a trip report category

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They were very comfortable, trust me, great resting spot after walking 20 meters lol

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