Qantas A380 Engine Oil Leak (QF93)

A Qantas A380 operating QF93 from Melbourne to Los Angeles was diverted to Sydney after an engine shutdown due to an oil leak in engine number 2. The aircraft dumped fuel and made a safe emergency landing. Qantas said in a statement that an indicator had come on in the cockpit and the decision was made to divert.

“The captain made the decision to land in Sydney to have the fault fixed rather than continuing on the 14-hour flight. We apologise to passengers for the interruption to their journey but safety is always our first priority. Our focus is now getting them on their way as soon as possible” Qantas wrote.


The A380 during the incident as seen from a 7 News helicopter. Video:

This is the third Qantas A380 engine incident 🤦‍♂️
What are they doing wrong, really?


But to me this is more interesting.

Fortunately no one was injured


I did notice that QF93 did an emergency landing to YSSY (From mkaviation’s instagram). But I didn’t know that the incident was worse than my expectation 😱. Glad that nobody was injured


I included that video in the post 😉

The incident was pretty bad. I’m still wondering if Rolls Royce is at fault… again?

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GE should make A380 engines because these engines are an accident waiting to happen


I’ve only realized how amazing the A380 looks like when landing from above!

Glad no one was hurt, and that an incident like one of the previous Qantas A380 flights was avoided. (I forgot the callsign).


I just think Qantas doesn’t know how to take care of or maintain they’re Airbus a380’s

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Oddly enough, it looks like it. Though they do, at least i think so… Clearly they just have bad luck with their A380’s lol.


I think that is the problem with some airlines they buy aircraft and then just let them sit there (Planes are like dogs)

Could’ve also forgot the duct tape. lol


Quite disappointed with some of the reactions on this thread. I’ve never seen people questioning the reliability of Toyotas after a Corolla and a Highlander breaks down for unrelated reasons and in different ways in the same neighbourhood.

Nothing. Things break. Hoses come loose or spring leaks all the time. It’s just a little more dramatic when it happens in midair.

Were they at fault the last couple times? Rolls has no control over their engines after they roll off the line. Stuff happens, relax.

That’s a little dramatic. One small oil leak and we’re calling for re-engining of all A380s? That seems like a lot of money for essentially PR purposes. FYI, GE does make A380 engines through a JV with P&W and CFM.

Where did you get that? QF does a fine job with their A380s. They’ve just had two incidents that were widely reported in short succession. If no one reported on it, no one would even notice. Nothing indicates that the two events were caused by the same thing.

Downtime causes engine failures? That’s a new one.


I meant they but the aircraft and just fly them and think when there is a problem with the aircraft, they just go with it not only putting the staffs lives in danger, but also the inoccent passengers lives in danger.
Do I think that qantas is a bad airline, no.
But I do know that this has happened 3 or 4 times, which is less than Emirates inncidents as far as I’m concerned. Plus Emirates owns 83 A380’s with about 60 more on order, while Qantas only owns 12 which is about 6x less than Qantas
Point of this response was to basically tell you that Qantas is not taking care of their A380’s

No respectable airline will fly if they think there is a problem with the aircraft that will endanger passengers before they take off. QF is one of them.

You were saying?

Please do your own research and not let your lack of research cloud your judgement.


Well like I said Emirates has 6X as many A380’s as qantas does with 80 A380’s your likely to have incidents
With 12 maybe one or possibly two
Not 3 or 4

@Danman last time when the engine blew up flying from Singapore to Sydney a tiny part in the engine was drilled incorrectly during the manufacturing process, this greatly helped the engine blow up. Qantas filed a lawsuit against RR too.

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That was exactly the reason I wrote "…again?"
I was questioning whether Rolls Royce is to blame for these incidents or not. Never said they did.

The amount of times Emirates has had incidents with their A340s too 🤷‍♂️

“Again” implies a history and hence my reply. I apologize for the confusion.

RR has fixed the issue. GE had that icing issue with the GE90 which they immediately rectified. The points of failure in the current incidents are completely unrelated to QF32.

I’ve studied stats, even though my professor was terrible, I know that outliers are always possible. This spate of incidents is just a run of well-publicized bad luck. There is no diagnostic of a systematic set of failures stemming from the same system, these are unrelated engine systems breaking in different engines. Some airlines will end up with more hangar queens than others, welcome to the airline world.

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