Qantas A380 Engine Failure

maybe its not anything to do with airbus
maybe Qantas just have poor maintaince

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I doubt that as Qantas is regarded as one of the most safest airline. Which means they do take care of their aircraft with a proper maintenence.

Lately, I feel that Rolls-Royce engines have some problems. Not to mention that an Egyptair A330’s engine problem several days ago, Some Singapore Airlines A350s were grounded because of engine issue too. Worsen by the bribing case which involves various airlines in the world (Garuda, Thai, etc)


Glad everyone is safe!!

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“Reports that the engine was ‘on fire’ aren’t correct; passengers may have seen some sparks before it was safely shut down by the flight crew.”

You can read the Qantas Responds statment on Qantas Flight 94 at the Qantas News Room


So it could have been a compressor stall

If all A380s are found with this issue then good luck to Emirates…


Thought I would mention that the exact plane is nearly ready to start descending into Melbourne. Even better it’s VH-OQB meaning the plane is safe.

Oh boy…


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Well it was definitely not Qantas’ fault getting a faulty engine previously. Rolls-Royce found that same issue in all of the engines!

The thing most disappointing about this thread is that OP used a Daily Mail report. Never trust the Daily Mail ಠ_ಠ

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Engine stall or conpressor stalls do cause flames to shoot out of an engine. Do you know what a conpressor stall is?

Here is an outside view of a comptessor stall


When they said shooting out I though they mean in every direction, perpendicular to the flow which would be terrifying and not a compressor stall, but now I understand :)


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