Qantas a380 emergency

Im not sure whats happened but theres breaking news about qantas airbus a380 flight QF1 returning to sydney airport because of malfunctions with the aircraft. Hope they land safely


They landed safely and everyone on board is okay idk why but qantas seems to have really faulty a380s…


Maybe another engine fault

Possibly i didnt really listen to the news but they said something about the plane losing altitude rapidly before the pilots regained control

Might be a flaw on the aircraft.

Maybe its maintenance even tho qantas is the worlds safest airline i think they skip a few crucial steps when the planes go for maintenance checks


Might be looking, anything could happen anyway

Yeah thats true but this is bad because its giving qantas a bad A380 rep

I really think this is because a problem at Qantas service because no other A380s have had this problem…

How do you know what the problem is to start with?

EDIT: btw if you think no other operator experiences the usual run of the mill technical problems with the A380 I suggest you need to have a look at avherald.

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Qantas has this ad of a engineer with caption “checking and re-checking”.

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I think he means overrall, like no other a380s have as many issues as the ones operated by qantas

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What I mean is maybe they skipped services or somethinget like that… But for me that’s highly unlikely!

Why, how many issues have QF had with the A380?

second time.

Only two over all the years they have operated them is hardly some indication of problems with QF in particular. As I said have a look at avherald, plenty of other A380 operators experience technical issues.

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I dont know an exact number but theyve had enough problems that myself and maybe some other look at their a380 and just expect a problem, i cant believe this would be an airbus issue i really feel theyre not maintaining their a380s the way major carriers like lufthansa or emirates would… If they cant look after these planes what makes them think they can maintain a 787


Sorry, I never read that! But I still think that the A380 is one of the safest planes to fly when you consider the amount of A380s out there!


I agree with you!

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If you can find a report or some evidence QF do not maintain their planes properly that would be interesting to read.

The previous incident of QF32 was based on a design flaw in the RR engine not inadequate QF maintenance.

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