Qantas A380 Bound for Melbourne diverted.

A Qantas A380 bound for Melbourne from Dubai was diverted to Singapore due to mechanical errors. The A380 is to return to service tommorow.

Here’s the article:


Shouldn’t this be in real world aviation?


Changed it, thanks so much for pointing it out, I totally forgot.

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Oh dammit, hope it wasn’t too much of a scare for the passengers


Here’s some extra info:

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Serious. Why does Qantas have all these problematic A380s?


Because fate wants a miracle on the Sydney harbour


If it was on the Sydney harbour, they might aswell crash into the bridge to make it more dramatic!

Well then Qantas has to pay for a new bridge

And it’d ruin their “No crash since WW2” title.

They should put that on a plane it be really funny if the plane that holds that livery crashes

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Crashing is harder than you think kid,

and that is coming from a crashing expert.

off shore maintenance? they preferred cheaper maintenance over higher quality more expensive

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Crashing Expert? What happened?

Not really, planes divert all the time for various reasons. No need for extra concern.

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