Qantas A333

Server • Expert Server
Callsign/Acft • QFA37 Heavy/QF37
Origin/Dest • RJTT - - - YSSY
Flight Time Est. • 9H 50M


I think you will find that’s a -300

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Oops didn’t realise that in IF thanks for this :)

Marvelous shots! Was this flight done about 24 hours ago because i thought i saw you headed down to Sydney

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Yes I believe it wasssss hang on let me check 😆

The flight commenced on the 21st around midnight for me to then landing at Sydney in the morning on the 22nd

You might of seen me overhead as my alarm just woke me up lol to then vectoring around to make for a stabilised approach after descending down @ybtl.aviation

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Yes i think it was you! :)

Were you flying into Brisbane that day? I did see an aircraft when I woke up to get a sip of water

Edit: checking now I don’t see anyone with your username unless didn’t load in @ybtl.aviation

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I was flying to CNS (YBCS) and i saw a Qantas a333 near Hamilton Island (YMHB)

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Ahh okay, that was not me. It must’ve been this bloke who departed Sydney after I landed, same aircraft and different Qantas callsign ;)

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