The A330 is an iconic aircraft and I wish infinite flight would put the Qantas livery on it. It has 28 A330’s in total. Also in infinite flight, I’ve done a lot of violations in the past 24 months and is a pro now and I can’t be on expert server because I have too many violations in the last 12 months. Does it like expire will I ever be able to go on expert server again.

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Just search the community for violations and you’ll find a bunch of posts and how to solve your problem. If you aren’t ghosted there is a solution.


Hello! We appreciate your post today but you must be at least TL2 (Member) in order to post your Qantas A330 request in #features. Keep posting, liking, and commenting on threads and you will be there in no time!

As for your violations, if you could show us your grade table, that would be great. You would have to wait until your oldest violations wear off to get you below the maximum amount of violations in a year for expert.

While waiting, you could try to increase your landings amount by doing patterns on the training server.


Ok, you are allowed to post in support category but,

You cannot make features requests, you have to be TL2. Also, don’t request features while using support category.


Too add onto what @BigBert10 said, please keep to one topic per post, as it could get confusing to other members to understand what is being asked here


Please only use #support for technical issues with the app.