Qantas A330-300

Don’t forget to check out the new livery as well 😉

It has a decent amount of votes.


Yes, I would like to se this added. Can anyone explain why the offical vote at the top is not inclusive of the 210+ votes in the poll?


This topic was made long before the voting system started. By the time I made it, people leaves some likes on the request which would show their support on the request 😉


I’d take a look at the new roo livery ;)

Also many people would vote for the poll while not voting for the request - that’s just common sense. We have a limited amount of votes and people on the forum seem to like interacting with polls.


If this gets added I’m copping a new live sub

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I hope they will add this to IF 😍

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Personally I would rather them add the new livery since eventually the whole Qantas fleet will be repainted.
Check out the request -

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it would be great if we have the silver roo too😁

Bump! Although both this livery and the new one are must-haves, this kangaroo has its paws ;)


Por que no los dos?


Hope it will be added in a near future! Really like this one.

Now that just looks amazing. How do I post one of these but for Turkish airlines ? Idk how the community works cuz I’ve only used it for like 2-3 days

@Air_Boss :)))

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Hi @Speedbird9191 you can find here the thread

Turkish Airlines A330-300

With the confirmation of the A330 rework, let’s see some support for this livery! I know I’ll free up a vote for it, hopefully some of you can too :)

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100% needed! Would love to fly to Singapore, Shanghai, Manila etc. There so many destinations from Australia with the Qantas A330-300!


Now that we’re getting a rework, we definitely need this livery!!

The A330 is one of Qantas’ most used Aircraft, and is one of the few aircraft types still operating during COVID.

I notice that the livery has changed since this feature request was originally posted, so I hope we get the new ‘Silveroo’ livery.

(Source: Jetphotos)

Yam gang 2.0???

EDIT: There is a different feature request for the new livery for some reason, so I’d suggest voting for that one.


I really want this plane it will be nice to fly into Perth with!

well yh i guess it could be a cool plane to add