Qantas A330-300 YMML-YPPH

Today, I have decided to do a flight from Melbourne, Australia to Perth, Australia because I had some free time, so I might as well rack up some hours and experience to progress, and also because I have never been to Perth and want to fly on this route some day.


  • Server: Casual
  • Flight Time: 3hrs 50mins
  • Cruising Altitude: FL360
  • Speed: Mach 0.83

Taking off from an empty Melbourne.

Cruising at 36,000ft over Western Australia.

Touching down on runway 24.

Taxiing to gate.

Parked at the gate of an empty Perth.


Yeah, the only airports where pilots actually are in the casual server is KLAX and EGLL 😂😂
Nice shots nevertheless

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