Qantas A330-200 (Silver Roo)

I previously made a topic about this, but it was closed until a 200 was actually painted in the new livery. And here it is! 😄

VH-EBN | Airbus A330-202 | Qantas | Brock L | JetPhotos
Picture is of ‘VH-EBN’ also called ‘Clare Valley’.

Comment on what you think below.

P.s. sorry picture doesn’t fit (couldn’t find another picture of a 200 in the new livery).

Wow, it’s finaly been done, the 200. Got my vote!


Yes we missing that too, love A330 to flew.

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Just gonna casually bump this thread. :)


I’ll also bump it up :)

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I think IF needs to have both the new and old qantas liveries

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IF even if its not a rework this livery would be still nice to add since they used this plane lots to go to NZ and ASIA and it would be great to have in the game

Infinite flight needs to add Qantas and virgin Australia to the a330 fleet as they are both major carriers of the aircraft.


but they now do not have A330-200

Great idea! Maybe have VH-EBM, since I have been on it (best flight ever, thanks to the low load factor and the great crew!)

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It is most definitely needed

Gorgeous livery on a gorgeous plane. Would be great to see this in the rework!

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Just feel like bumping this up lol!

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Same here why not. Its been 2 years lol