QANTAS A330-200 (new roo)

This would be a great addition to infinite flight as we could use it for long haul domestic flights. Comment on what you think below 🙂

Photo Copyright Liam Makinnon Jetphotos
Couldn’t find a picture of a 200 in new livery so this one is a 300.

I hope it will be added when the a330 rework eventually comes, along with the Virgin, Garuda and AirAsia a330 liverys🤞


Great request would love to see it 👍🏻


Thanks, actually my first features request of all time on the community. Thought I was still TL1, when I realised I had the feature category when I wanted to make a topic. 🙂

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I have seen thus plane in the Philippines and it is awesome! Unfortunately I have no more votes.

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Nice, when was it painted? This must be the first A332 in the new livery.

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I don’t think there are any -200s in the new roo, but there are -300s

That means there isn’t a single A330-200 in the new livery. Only the A330-300 has been repainted. @LJohn nice request but you should probably wait until the first A332 is painted in the new roo livery before requesting it ;)

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Ok, thanks for letting me know. Do you know when the first one is going to be painted in the new roo?

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I have no idea, Qantas has never published its repaint schedule - although I think they want most of their aircraft repainted before the 2020 centenary.

Livery looks amazing would love to see this in a near A330 rework

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As far as I’m aware, you couldn’t find a picture of the -200 series in the ‘Silveroo’ livery because the -200 hasn’t been repainted yet. But as always, any Qantas feature request is always a great feature request.

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This is such an impressive livery😍 I‘d love to see it coming with the desired A330 rework ;)

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Let’s confirm if Qantas have the A330-200 new roo livery first, then send me a message :)

Otherwise no point requesting something that isn’t IRL.