Qantas A330-200 Business Class Review - Sydney to Melbourne


Recently I was fortunate enough to be upgraded on a recent flight from Sydney to Melbourne. As it was on an A330-200, this meant I had Qantas’ new Business Suite.

Flight Details

Flight Number: QF417
Aircraft: VH-EBM - A330-200
Date: 19/07/2019
Departure/Arrival: Melbourne (MEL/YMML) to Sydney (SYD/YSSY)

Sydney Airport T3/Qantas Domestic Business Lounge

Sydney’s Terminal 3 is Qantas’ main domestic hub, with Qantas being the only airline that flies out of it. The check-in hall is very modern and uncrowded, thanks to the use of Self-Serve Check-in and Bag Drop kiosks. The time of my flight (weekday morning) would normally be peak hour for business travellers travelling between the capital cities, however, the terminal did not appear busy or crowded.

Qantas has recently increased their carry-on baggage allowance to 10kg, so I didn’t check any bags in, allowing me to head straight through the empty security line.

Sydney’s Terminal 3 Departures Hall (I didn’t manage to get an image of the terminal, so here’s one I found off the internet. Source:

The Lounge

The Qantas Domestic Business Class Lounge in Sydney is not Qantas’ best, in my opinion, however, it is very spacious and provides plenty of seating areas and tasty food options, not to mention a great view of the gates. The breakfast food was also very good, with a variety of buffet-style options, a pancake machine, and barista-made coffee.

The Qantas Domestic Business Lounge in Sydney. (Again I didn’t take a picture, so here’s a flashy Qantas one. Source:

We soon got called for boarding, and after heading through the dedicated Business Class jetway, we boarded the aircraft.

The Cabin

Qantas lays out its A330 business class across two cabins. One larger cabin at the front of the aircraft, and a smaller mini-cabin behind it. The seats are laid out in a 1-2-1 layout, meaning every seat has direct aisle access. The seats alternate, meaning every second row has the seat closer to the window, and the console on the aisle side. If you are in one of these seats, it is extremely private (as seen in the image of my seat later). You almost feel as if you are in your own suite.

The cabin from my seat (2A) (Image taken by me)

The Seat
Today's flight was on Qantas' A330 Business Suite, which is extremely similar to their flagship 787 business class. This refreshed business class is much better than Qantas' previous offering. There is much more personal and storage space, and the sense of privacy is much greater.

There is plenty of space for laptops/tablets, especially with the L-shaped shelf on your side. Another handy feature is that the space beside you is large enough to fit a laptop, meaning you can continue to work on a laptop/tablet while dining. There are also many other handy storage features, such as a small shelf for shoes, and a hook to hang headphones.

The seat specifically is very comfortable. It is able to be partially reclined during takeoff and landing. One downside to this is the requirement for a 3-point seatbelt to be worn, much like a car seatbelt. Although this is only required for takeoff and landing.

The seat can recline to form a fully-flat bed.

The view from the seat, showing the large entertainment screen. To the right, there is also a pouch for the magazine, safety card etc. (My image)

The side shelf. There is lots of space and books or laptops can fit in that L-shaped shelf above. (My image)

The Seat adjustment panel. Note the takeoff recline button, as well as do not disturb button. (My image)

The conveniently placed USB, headphone and power plug sockets. Qantas provides you with noise-cancelling headphones. (My image)

The seat as a flatbed, it is very private (My image)

My seat, 2A. As it is an even row, the console is on the aisle side, meaning that you have a very private suite. Notice the 3-point seatbelt, as well as the headphones on the hook. (My image)


Upon boarding, we were greeted with a welcome drink, a choice of apple juice or water. I’m guessing alcoholic options would be available on an afternoon/evening flight. I did notice though that they took away your drink quite quickly before departure!


As it was such a short flight, an "express meal service" was served. This meant that it was all served on one tray, and no tablecloth was provided. The breakfast was an Omelette with spinach, while there was also an option of muesli. All breakfasts were served with yoghurt and a choice of sourdough toast or a muffin. Tea and coffee were also offered, I chose a hot chocolate. The food was delicious and suited this short, early morning flight perfectly.

My Breakfast, which was delicious! (my image)

My hot chocolate, which was the best that I had ever had on a flight! (my image)

Melbourne Airport (Arriving)
After arriving on runway 09, we taxied to the Qantas domestic terminal in Melbourne. I was one of the first to exit the plane, and as I had no checked luggage, I was out of the airport straight away. In fact, I was in a taxi before the flight had even disappeared off of Flightradar24!
Overall Rating/Opinion

Airport: 8/10 - Very modern, but lacking some amenities.
Check-in/Security: 10/10 - Probably the fastest car to lounge time ever!
Lounge: 7/10 - One of Qantas’ older lounges, a bit crowded, but the food was very good.
Boarding: 8/10 - Easy Priority lane and jetbridge.
Seat: 9/10 - One of the best business class seats out there, in my opinion.
Cabin: 8/10 - the cabin was quite big, but there is a smaller cabin further back with only 2 rows.
Crew: 8/10 - Qantas crew were very friendly, as usual.
Service/Meals: 8/10 - A very nice, well-presented meal for such a short flight.
Arrival: 10/10 - Without hand luggage, leaving the airport is very quick.


Thaks for reading my first ever flight review!
Let me know how I went!


This is a very nice review in detail. Nice topic. Thanks for sharing!


That’s an amazing flight review. Well organized and structured, very informative and with interesting pictures as well. Thank you for sharing your trip with us 😊


Very well put together! Hope you enjoyed your flight!

Last time I had a hot chocolate on a plane, was on a Qantas A330-300 in Economy. The hot chocolate was so hot that it burnt my tongue lol.


Nice review! Very detailed. I’ve flown on the Qantas A330 in Business from Sydney to Melbourne on VH-EBA.

It was the complete opposite on my flight, they forgot to take my glass 😂


Very nice review Sam. 😀

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Yeah, those hot chocolates are certainly hot!

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Sat in 7A on their Dreamliner from Brisbane to LA it was high up there on my favourite flights. The new business product is really stellar - good food, great IFE and amazing crew for 13 great hours. Hopefully next time you can try it on a longer flight!!

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Am I late to the party? Great review, very in depth and well structured. Hope your flight was enjoyable Sam.

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