Qantas 7879 [Project Sunrise]

Tonoight, i flew from EGLL - YSSY. EGLL is London airport named as Heatrow, so tonight we are starting from Terminal 2A at LHW
Arrival is Sydney airport based in Australia.
This would be a longest flight in the world!

Aircraft: B787-9
Livery: Qantas
Departure: EGLL
Arrival: YSSY
Flight time: 19 hours
Server: Training

pushback from gate with a beatiful A359 Scandinavian

Time for takeoff from london runway 09L… Bye bye london!

A beatiful picture from 40.000 ft… damn this is too high for me!!

And landing to 34L at Sydney!

Parked at gate with some guys!! U landing are beatiful @Nathan_A

This how many XP and Hours i’m earned.

And i think my landing is BUTTER.


Great flight, there’s a way you can edit those night pictures to look more visible 👍🏻

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Hey. Nice photos.

Do you mind changing the typos?

what do you mean?

not butter great landing!

good job

Awesome pictures 👍