Qantas 7879 EGLL-YSSY 19hours route

Hey! IFC!

I flew a direct flight from London to Sydney this Sunday.
This line was called Project Sunrise by Qantas and a test flight was conducted on the Boeing 787-9.
The flight route is full of beautiful scenery, and you will never get bored even on long flights.
Let’s take a look at the pictures!

1)Flight information
Call sign:QANTAS 7879
Flight time :19hour 51minutes
Server:Expert server

2)Picture is here!
1:now boarding Let’s start 19:51 Flight!

2:Wow! British Airways B777-300ER landing!

3:Wow! This is 1st sunrise!

4: Over Turkmenistan. The desert is very beautiful.

5: Over India. Asian landscape. More than 10 hours to arrive.

6: See the second sunrise over Australia. A little more until arrival.

7: 10:00AM in Australia. We landed in Sydney international airport.

8: View of the lander from the control tower
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Thanks for Watching! And enjoy your flight!

I'm thinking of creating a fictitious airline. The hub airport is Kansai International Airport, and the aircraft used are A330, A320, A350, B777. If you are interested, please write in the comments. We are currently looking for pilots.

Finally, thank you for reading my poor English.


Nice pictures✈️

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welcome to Australia!

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Thank you!

Amazing Pictures!!! I tried doing that flight but my phone crashed rip.

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How do you have the patience for this? Great shots… But I could never ever survive through this

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