Qantas 787 Delivery Tracking Thread - Third 787 “Quokka” Has arrived in Australia

This is now a tracking thread, post updates in the title above or link an article in the thread below :)

***Update: VH-ZNB is now in final assembly! Expected early 2018.

Great news, the Qantas 787 has been fully revealed at the Boeing factory in Seattle! VH-ZNA, now known as “Great Southern Land” was presented to Qantas staff including Alan Joyce, the Qantas CEO. Once the 8 Dreamliners on order for Qantas have reached delivery stage in 2018, the final 5 747s remaining will be retired.
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce with Musician Iva Davies, composer of “Great Southern Land” in front of the new 787

See interior shots of the 787 fitted with Qantas’ new cabin in the article below:


I just have to say this, that 787 is yummy.


Wow, love the Dreamliner, love Qantas, both together = 👌🏼


👌 perfect, beyond a doubt. The 787 is such a beautiful aircraft.


She is a really good looking aircraft. And I like the name they chose. Great Southern Land, Truly reflects Australia in a nutshell


787 is my favorite aircraft. But for Qantas I think the 747’s suits them better. Kind of sad to see these 747’s go.


IMO, in the current environment, the 787s are a great investment for an airline that prides itself on safety and technical innovation and long distance routes. The 747s were the pinnacle of their time. But they have to go.

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Yeah. At least we know OJA and EBQ are safe


I love the dreamliner and love to see it even more with the qantas livery on it!!! Really going to miss the 747’s when they retire :'(

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Now taking off from Pearth and flying to London in the 787-9, full tank of fuel


Did you just time out?

Sorry don’t know what you mean, but if I’m thinking right, you are asking if I ran out of fuel on the first try from Perth to London. If that’s the question no this is my first flight from Perth to London, I will have a full tank of fuel just in case of a hard head wind.

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You’re up in the air now aren’t you? Grade 1?

Let’s continue this on pm!

No grade 3, was grade 4 until my little brother snuck on my iPad and went full throttle on expert in a F 22 but yep just took of, it’s 9:35 for me now so will get to London at around 2 tomorrow arvo… all the graphics are on low to prevent overheating

Was that you though?

No, my callsign is Qantas 384. I am in the air now.

Good luck! Have a safe one…

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Great southern land is on her way home


We’re on our way home! Track Great Southern Land with Qantas and watch her journey home…