Qantas 787-9!


Qantas has just announced the introduction of the 787-9 into their fleet!
I knew it was only a matter of time!

It will be in service in 2017




Looks great!


Looking forward to it!

Feature request or announcement?

Moved to RWA because it seems like an announcement

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the A388 is the king of the skies

Unfortunately it will eventually happen, proberbly in the next 5 years I’m guessing, there becoming quite old in the fleet so it’s up to them.

I reckon eventually, the b738’s will be replaced with 737MAX

The b744 will be fully replaced by the a388

And the a333 will be replaced by the B787.

This is going of guesses. Only time will tell

A380 is the prince of the skies IMO (707 is king of the skies again IMO)

@Rotate Some of the 787s are to replace some 744s.

Find the link on a net.

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I am warming to the 787. It is nice and easy to land on Infinite Flight!

Qantas has said they will not be buying the max and they have cancelled their final 8 a388

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Lol that post was from a few months ago and it was only a hypothesis

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They’re still undecided. They will either go to Jetstar or Qantas if they are ordered (highly unlikely for Jetstar because they are getting the A320neo). Qantas and Virgin Australia are wanting to refresh their current 737 fleets.

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