Qantas 787-9 YSSY-KLAX pictures

These are pictures from a Qantas Dreamliner flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.
Origin: Sydney Kingsford International Airport
Destination: Los Angeles International Airport
Flight No.: Qantas 10
Registration: VH-VAL
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Takeoff time: 02:24
Landing time: 17:27
Total flight time: 15 hours 3 minutes

Engine 2 start-up

Preparing for taxi to runway 7

Beginning taxi to runway 7

Vr at 02:24 in Sydney

Retracting the gear

VH-VAL and the moon

Descending over LAX
Final approach to runway 24R at Los Angeles

Touchdown at Los Angeles at 17:27

Which picture was the best?


The 6th one is definitely my fav!

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8th picture is the best


That one was my favorite. Nice with the sun in the background. Giving the picture some color and contrast. Lovely ❤


Sixth and eight picture was my favourite. 👍

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Definitely the 8th picture

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Definitely descending onto la was the best. Nice pics

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