Qantas 787-9 New Documentary!

This is the link to a very cool documentary about the order and delivery of the very first Qantas 787-9. It just came out 2 hours ago and I thought that it would be a nice thing for the community to watch. As a massive Qantas lover I loved the documentary, and I hope all you Infinite Flight players enjoy watching it. Good day!


Unfortunately this video is only available within Australian Teritory. I also saw some teasers on Qantas’ instagram of that show, but it seems I have to wait until someone uploads the movie to YouTube 😢


Looks good - I’ll load up my VPN later and watch it


Ok, thanks for showing me that! I hope the documentary will come out on youtube for all you people outside of Australia.

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But for all the Australians out there, enjoy!

It told me to download the app however it wanted me to switch from the US store to the Aussie store, but I didn’t because I don’t really care to watch the video till it comes out on YouTube.

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TBH, any aircraft documentary is beautiful to me. Even though I’m a Boeing fan, ive watched numerous A320, 350, and even the 380 documentaries. This is one I’ll soo definitely watch, just waiting for someone to be my hero and upload on YouTube :D

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Some awesome person uploaded the new Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner Documentary onto YouTube. For all those people who couldn’t get access to the video, here you go. Good day!


After watching it I really hope that the new Qantas Dreamliner Livery “New Roo” is added in the future. Every time I do a flight in the Infinite Flight version of the Qantas 787 I feel it’s incomplete. If you guys feel the same way, visit this feature request below⬇️


I loved watching this documentary! Thanks.

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Awesome documentary, gotta admit, got goosebumps at some points in the documentary. 😍

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Such a beautiful plane, its beacon light can be seen from miles away, it lands beautifully when you idle the engines at 20 feet, along with the aerodynamic braking, don’t get me started with how easy it is to keep the nose up till your shut off the reverses.


It is a beautiful plane isn’t it. I love how the spoilers are all the way along the wing, like you said.


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