Qantas 787-9 - Melbourne - Los Angeles

I flew a flight from Australia to the United States. Here’s some photos! :)


Route: Melbourne (MEL) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Aircraft: Qantas 787-9
Time: 14 hours, 28 minutes
Server: Training

At the gate, preparing to fly to Los Angeles.

Took off, ready for the 14 hours ahead.

Leaving the Australian coast!

Flying near Tabuaeran Island.

Descending into California!

Los Angeles International is in sight.

On final!


Taxiing to the gate as an A350 departs.

Parked at the gate!


Nice shots. Congrats

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Fantastic pictures! Love the interesting angles :)

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noice! looks like an epic flight

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I spy with my little eye…A FLOATING FRONT WHEEL


I realized that too, lol

Beautiful Pics !!

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Lovely pics

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