Qantas 787-9 Departure out of Santiago

Hello everyone!

So I was scrolling through my camera roll, and found this picture that I had absolutely forgotten about. I am pretty sure it was from when I was departing out of Santiago for Sydney (for my first ever event) around a year ago and I wanted to share it :) Anyway, here it is:


Route: SCEL - YSSY
Background: Santiago Mountains
Server: ES


I dunno why the quality is really bad btw…

Oop it just reloaded now its fine

Very cool shot Tuna!

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Nice shot!

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Beautiful shot!

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I really hope they do even just a quick refresh of some of the 787 liveries, specifically Qantas.


Thanks everyone :)

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Wow nice shot, the colors work SO well together!

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Yea, the 787 needs a big livery update

Very cool picture! The scenery in Chile is really amazing and the B787 doesn’t look bad either. Thanks for sharing!

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