Qantas 747 Landing Compitition Event (I win!)

Expert Server
Flight time: Estimated 17-19 Minutes

At the Gate S25 in VHHH waiting for the event to start

@Choccymilk is too excited :)

Waiting for my turn to takeoff

Lining up at RWY 25L

Glance at the mountains before landing

My Hardish turn before landing (or smooth turn)

Finally taxiing to parking


Thanks so much for coming out! Congrats on winning :)

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Congrats @MissRosa, great landing and great photos!

Thanks for coming, and we hope you enjoyed our event.



Thanks! Until next landing event! Maybe A380s now?

Some interesting photos


What the hell is that 4th picture ๐Ÿ˜‚

space shuttle status

Ahhh yes, AirForceProud95 Reference, got a hot air balloon at 400kts

i am a hot air balloon

Youโ€™re not supposed to post your own photos here lmao

Great landing @MissRosa!

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i just thought @MissRosa would like them

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In case anyone wondering how I win this is the scoreboard:

Callsign Display Name Best Total of the two attempts(/15)
WITULOW KylineGudy 14.00
IFAE Eleven Captain_Hoss 13.67
QVG547 max7777 13.67
JAT001 BravoCharlie 13.67
IFAE Euro Scott 13.00
VH-ADM Adam_S 12.67
Qantas 806 bensonb 12.50
QVG460 Doozy 12.33
Qantas 999 Oliver999 12.33
QVG12 Rex 12.00
QVG205 Jasper K 11.67
GARUT Garut 11.67
Qantas744 mrfresh 11.33
QVG115 Tekin 11.33
Skyward EyesSkyward 11.00