Qantas 747 ferries fuel to New Zealand to lend a hand in fuel shortage

As Auckland Airport in New Zealand battles, a fuel shortage Qantas has decided to take matters into its own hands. Since Sunday fuel has been limited in NZ’s largest after a fuel pipeline broke. Auckland is Qantas’s largest hub with “Jetconnect” flights to Australia departing regularly. Jetstar also has a major base their operating flights to Australia and domestically around New Zealand. The Sydney to Auckland ferry flight completed by VH-OEG departed the NSW capital at 7:48 pm yesterday (20th) and arrived into Auckland at 12:10 am today, with 65,000kg of fuel onboard it surely was an asset handy to have. The fuel was transferred to Qantas and Jetstar flights due to depart the following day. By using this method of using Australian fuel then ferrying it over it was able to "to minimise the impact of the Auckland fuel shortage on customers” Qantas said. Qantas also loaded the scheduled Sydney-Auckland QF149 which is operated by an A330-200 with 10,000kg of additional fuel to help the situation. Qantas escaped out scot-free but Air New Zealand didn’t. Auckland is it’s the biggest hub so it was kinda screwed from the start. Many flights have been canceled, additional fuel from other hubs such as Wellington and Christchurch has been taken onto flights and some flights have had to have a stopover in the Pacific Islands or Australia for extra fuel. Air New Zealand has said that no fuel related cancelations are expected for Friday. Qantas has scheduled no more transfer flights to New Zealand and the 747 that carried the fuel arrived back in Sydney this afternoon

qf flying
Qantas 747 flying full credit


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