[QANTAS 747] Dusk Pans at Sydney [YSSY] | December 23rd, 2019

Hello IFC! Here’s part one from what will be a four-part series of spotting in Sydney. I had a chance to visit Australia this past December and my parents were kind enough to take me spotting there. I can say this without a doubt: Sydney is the best airport I’ve ever spotted at.

This part comes from my first few hours in Australia, right after stepping off TR12 from Singapore. Unfortunately I missed an Etihad A380 special due to some woman yelling at me that I couldn’t spot where I wanted to, even though there were already spotters there. Shame.

Shot on Nikon D7500 | Tamron 100-400 USD | Manfrotto Element

Quick Tip for Spotters

I’m not the greatest at panning but I feel like this session taught me well. What I learned was 1) use a tripod, it may not seem like it helps too much but trust me it does. I was able to hit at least 75% of my shots at 1/60 between 250-400mm. Last year in Zurich, I hit 5% at 1/60 at 240mm (tripodless). 2) Since panning is normally done with side shots, aim for a specific place on the aircraft. I suggest the engine. If you just aim in the general direction of the plane your success rate won’t be too high.

Goodbye! Here’s my ride, 9V-OJJ, speeding up for Singapore. This aircraft would later fly me again on my first leg back.

Whoever or whatever delayed this plane an hour, I’m forever thankful.

The fact that Hawaii is almost the same distance to Sydney than it is to me in New York is mind-boggling.

Sydney has an overload of Emirates A380s. It’s almost too many.

I didn’t know this one was coming so this was a pleasant surprise.

Right before this one’s arrival was sunset, so it started getting really dark really fast.

A bit of a spotting fail, whoops…

My best pan of the night.

This photo was so extremely underexposed when I took it, only the power of raw could save it (kind of).

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyyz.spotting/

JetPhotos: https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/133954


The Emirates A380 is amazing 😍

Lovely pics 🤗

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Thank you!!

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Nice looks like it was foggy at yssy

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It wasn’t foggy per se just the clouds and lack of light.

And I guess bushfire smoke a little bit

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Indeed. Unless you have insane hand eye coordination panning ain’t gonna be fun hand held. I’m so jealous u get to spot around rlly good locations around world- Zurich, Sydney and a bunch of more places. Keep it up

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Yeahh I even have panning VR and it’s still a struggle

Lol what? Like some random person?

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Great pictures as always, Andrew. Keep it up!

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Yeah some old Karen type lady.

Thank you!

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Wait can we get some elaboration on this? I’ve never heard of this.

Some lenses have two VR modes. Mode 1 is generally for stills. It’s like a 4 direction stabilization that resists all movement. Mode 2 is generally for panning. It’s a 2 direction stabilization that resists up and down movement. Basically it acts like a imaginary tripod.

Nice shots! Had a denver meetup today (i know nobody asked but) anyways always have wanted to try panning just seems difficult to do.

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Yeah it’s not easy. I’d put it up there with fence long expos. I wouldn’t do it on a perfectly sunny day until some golden hour lighting, though.

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Wow! Those pics are amazing!!! Good job, I love aviation

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Don’t we all

Very nice pictures!

I assume panning means taking pics while the plane is moving and moving your camera along with it?

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Well, you have to move your camera along with the plane regardless, so technically everything is “panning”. But when spotters use it, it means a photo where the background is motion blurred, usually through a slow shutter speed (1/100 or less, generally).

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Ah, gotcha. How do you make the background all blurred?

The slower the shutter speed, the more blur in the background (also the harder it is to get a sharp shot). It sort of depends on how far your plane is from your background too. The pans in this topic are 1/80 for the first few and 1/60 for the last few. This is normally enough to induce significant background blur, but since the cranes are over a mile from the plane, it doesn’t look as impressive. Generally though, I’d say 1/100 results in a pan, 1/60 in a solid pan, and anything below 1/30 as a total pan, where the background is hardly recognizable.