Qantas 737-800 | Mendoowoorrji

Hi Everyone!

Today I am requesting that that the Qantas 737-800 ‘Mendoowoorrji’ livery is added to Infinite Flight.


Livery Facts

  • This is the 4th aircraft in the Qantas ‘Flying Arts’ series.

  • This livery is inspired by the work of late Western Australian Aboriginal Painter, Paddy Bedford.

  • The artwork is an interpretation of the 2005 painting ‘Medicine Pocket’ which captures the essence of Mendoowoorrji, Paddy Bedford’s mother’s country.

  • Qantas collaborated with Balarinji, The Bedford Trust and the National Gallery of Australia for this livery.

  • The design used 500 litres and 125 kilograms of paint.

More Info Here

Why do we need this livery in Infinite Flight?

We need this livery in Infinite Flight for a bit of diversity. It would stand our from all of the other liveries and go along nicely with the current Qantas 737 livery.

Please show your support for this livery by voting!


The Mendoowoorrji livery is such a great livery. And agreed,

Infinite Flight does need some diversity in special liveries. The flying art series is just the way to do that.
Great request! Voted!


Thanks mate!


I whole heartedly agree @Kacey. Thanks for the great request!

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100% needs to be added.

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It sure does!

I’m clearing up a vote for this beautiful livery. These Indigenous Liveries are incredible, and whilst Yam Dreaming is my favourite - this livery comes close second!

Just cleared one up for this, I am strongly behind this livery. It would bring a bit of much needed colour and diversity into the Qantas fleet here on Infinite Flight.


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I love this livery! Saw it many times over the last many years.

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