Q400 Tutorial Part 1 | Preflight to Taxi

Hi IFC! Today’s video is the first of approximately 5 tutorials on how to fly the Q400 in the most realistic manner! I hope you enjoy it and learn something new. Also, I’m very sorry for not giving a link to the checklist. I don’t know how to link it. Anyways, you can just follow along with the video or take a screenshot and crop it to get the extract of the checklist. Thanks for reading and watching and I hope you have a nice day/night!


Great little tutorial!

It’s nice seeing someone professionally use the DHC-8-400 (or Q400) and also knows how to operate correctly at Toronto Billy Bishop!

I always love flying into and out of CYTZ, and absolutely adore using the DHC-8-400 to the most realistic effect when I can.


Thanks a lot! CYTZ is by far my favourite airport to operate at with the Q400

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