Q400 Spin Out

Whenever I try to take off or land the Q400 it spins out & goes of the runway.

What are your aircraft settings? Flaps, A/P, trim, speed, etc

use the rudder it will help

What im imagining is something like the xplane 11 glitch, the 747-400 where it spins in circles but in infinite flight and with a q400 0___0 lol but I bet your just not landing it correctly

That happens when I use the 747 and the 717.

Use rudder…it happens at high speed with low weight configuration and troubling winds


On takeoff: the nose will start to turn towards the wind as your speed increases. Gently adjust the rudder with small gradual inputs to counteract the crosswind, you will need to gently push the rudder away from the wind to keep the nose straight. It will take some practice, harsh inputs on IF in decent winds will easily throw you off the runway, and importantly, if you start to lose the centreline, don’t suddenly over-correct.

On landing: you can allow the aircraft to ‘crab’. Keep the HUD ‘circle’ on the runway, even if your aircraft heading is off the centreline. Again, the nose will point towards the wind. Just before you flare, use the rudder to bring the nose back away from the wind, with a gentle input. Hold the nose of the aircraft the exact direction of the aircraft course (ie keep the HUD circle centred extractly with the aircraft on the HUD). The trick now, is keep that rudder input whilst the main landing gear touches down. Between the point of main gear and nose gear, you need to time the release of letting go of the rudder input right as the nose gear touches down. If you don’t, the nose gear will touch down turned at a ludicrous angle of like 60 degrees and veer you off the runway.

IF doesn’t have the capability like in the real world where nose gear inputs via the rudder are less than 10degrees at speed (there’s a prior feature request from memory).


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