Q400 short hauls

Since I’m on a training server I though, I’ll do some short haul flights. And really I enjoyed it - I learned a lot about the Q400 and it’s actually come down to being one of my favourite planes, something about its look and it’s behaviour just makes it feel different for some reason. Anyway I flew from London city - EGBB (Birmingham) - EGKK (Gatwick), I pretty sure they don’t fly there but whatever, anyway enjoy these pics (2100z time)

Taking off from London city RWY27

Landing area EGBB, some 20knot crosswind, almost had to land somewhere else

Parked at the gate loading up passengers

Taxiing to the hold short line EGBB

Landing at EGKK (Buttered)

Taxiing to gate with a great sunset

Hope you enjoyed guys 🙂


Very cool looking photos! I am amazed you can fly the Q400 so well! 20kt crosswinds? That’s incredible!

Wow, even a Q400 butter? That’s impressive

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I’ve done a butter in a Dash-8 once, less than -100 FPM.

Nice photos as well, the Dash is a fun plane to fly, and land. Hope you had fun as well.

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Yeah, I checked the weather and didn’t believe it, almost called off the flight all together. Thanks though

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Thank you man 🙏

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What a nice plane, I always fall in love with that engine sound. And btw… congrats on your butter/grease/smooth landing😁

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Thanks man ✌️

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Nice shots! Love the sunset.