Q400 Rocket ship take off

Hey there gents,

Sooooo, I took off from NTMD (nice little airport by the way) and I set my VS at 1000 fpm.
I did rotate a little sharply so the nose was just stuck at a really high angle and didn’t want to reset for a while.

Anyway, I set the VS to 1000 and came back to my flight going 127kts and slowing down gently, nose still pitched up.

I set the VS to 600 and nothing happened. Nada, zilch, niete.

I set the VS to 200 and after about 5 or 6 seconds, it finally went down.

Did that happen to anybody?


When it does that disengage the autopilot, level off, speed up and try again.

How high are you? Q400 arent actually able to fly fl300, the Q400s ceilng is only FL270 IRL
That may likely be your problem.
Even fl270 may be excessive of too heavy and fl250<>fl210 would be a good cruise altitude


One time the q400 I flew on cruise, the plane wasn’t ascending but the nose was stuck high. It’s probably just a bug

I mean, seeing that you are flying to an airport that is 5 hours away, you could’ve been heavy, and setting the VS to 1000 could have caused it, also, you manually toke off right?

The airport is 2 hours away. I would reach my destination flying 127 kts at a 43 degree angle

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Ah, I looked at it wrong

You are correct. Thanks :)

It’s actually 25k feet for normal cruising. 😂

Yeah, FL250 is the service ceiling.


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