Q400 Over Speed Glitch

While flying on expert server, I was using the Bombardier Q400. When I was descending, the Q400 started giving me over speed warning below 180knots. I was also below 12,000ft and still descending. And I was not given any warnings during the flight about overspeed while looking outside the plane. the only warning I got was the over speed voice warning in the cockpit that was going off. Instead of exiting the flight I continued and I was ghosted and given 6 over speed violations. In the image, you could see that no overspeed warning was displayed on the top of the screen image

I’m sorry to hear this can you provide a picture below indicating your speed if you have one
Also enter your logbook
Click on the little i like so

And also you do happen to have enable helper messages on image

The only way violations can be removed if there was a system glitch triggering the overspeed warning to sound falsely. This is the reason I am asking you to provide the most evidence possible

this happened with someone else i believe in the infinite flight fan group on fb

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I do not have an image of the speed, but here is my log book.

I posted two images on the IFFG page, and few minutes ago. Just to give a warning to other pilots who do not use the community page here.

First of all, is ”Enable helper messages” ticked or unticked in your settings?

Pretty sure i know what happened…

I just checked, and it is already ticked.

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