Q400 not responding

The Q400 isn’t responding to inputs. I changed sensitivity and setting etc… But it respond fast enough. During flare it responds to slow and all the time drops on the runway like bomb 😭

Any explanation and any suggestions to overcome this issue?

Maybe your speed is too low?

For me when my speed is too low the aircraft struggles to flare


Nah it stays between 95-105 on flaps 35° degree

You don’t normally land the dash with full flaps, flaps 15 is what is normally used. Usually, I aim for just under 120 knots - your control inputs are slow because 95 Knots is way too slow, I’m surprised you don’t stall. Check out this tutorial by @Captain_Dan, it might help: Landing The Dash 8-Q400

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Ok thanks 🤘👍

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