Q400 Nose Gear Glitch!

These photos where taken on takeoff at YPEC and just after liftoff before the gear was retracted. To me, the nose gear looks like it is floating!! It’s not connected to anything in any way?

Device: iPad 2
System: iOS 9.3.2
Latest Version of Infinite Flight
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Qantaslink Livery


Sure this has been reported


My my, mysterious floating wheel! I guess I’m part of those who don’t zoom in specifically on the landing gears 😂


And + if I’m correct the E jets have this too…

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I’ll check it out

Just visible but yes, the nose gear is floating and so is the main landing gear! That’s a problem with the 767 too and I’m not sure how many other aircraft

Citation too…they are all reported.The devs know about this

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