Q400 Landing problems

Can someone post a video on how to land . I tried flaps 15 on normal landings. …flaps 30 on steep approach…plane keeps bouncing like crazy. .I use tab s2

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Hey there! Try flaring! (Lifting the nose up before touching down)

  • Lower speed

  • Make sure you are at the right angle (Too low or high)

  • Practice!

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The speed for landing is much lower than what you’re likely used to land for jets. At F15, you can pretty comfortably land at around 115 kts, so give that a shot

I find the Q400 very easy to land, even in crosswinds. Try slowing below 100kts before touchdown.


Q400 typically land with flap15 instead of full flap

When you combine what everyone here said, you should get something like this :)


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Don’t forget to retard the throttles (yes, that is how it’s said) Basically pull the throttles to idle right before touchdown :)

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Q400s don’t pull back on the throttle during flare like most other jets.

Really? 😕 Because I always do, honestly. And it works out great! 👌🏼

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Nothing wrong, but not necessary.

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Oh, ok. Thanks anyway :)

Slow speed is your best option, make sure to also have come co plate control over your aircraft when touching down. Make sure to maintain the proper altitude to the glide lope as well.

I’m guessing that you are lifting you device or joystick to much or landing flat/down. Create a smooth landing by having you back wheels touch down first…

Awesome Patrick sorry for the late reply

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I just tested and made a incredebly smooth landing!!!