Q400 Jetbridge

Hey! I was wondering why the Q400 doesn’t have the option to pull up a jetbridge? Thanks!


His door have only stairs i believe ( i’m not a specialist of the Q400)

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Because they very rarely connect directly to the aircraft IRL. Most flights on the Dash 8 use bus and remote gates because of the built in aircraft stairs.

They do occasionally use a bridge/ gantry as shown below:


(yes I have seen that some companies directly connect jet bridge, it’s just not very common)


While not common, it has happened before:

Seen it a bunch here in North America, and when jet bridges first came to IF, you use to be able to hook up the Q400, but it got removed.

There isn’t a PAX option at all for the Q400, I think.

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Only Ground power & Cargo I believe.


Two DSH8 at CYVR with a jet bridge and i also takes to the pilot

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For some ones thats flown the Q400 alot irl, I can confidently say that these are most cursed images I have seen in a vary, vary long time

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I personally think the dash-8 should have a connection, that’s just me tho

same here, ive flown on these things a lot and never once have i boarded one using a jetbridge

I really just want a bridge to make it look realistic 😁

man is speaking word

I’ve flown on them a few times, but only between airports that don’t even have jetways (KLX and SKG)

It’s been a while since I’ve flown it in Infinite Flight, but I believe the CRJ-200 has the ability to hook up a bridge. Wonder why the DHC-8-400 doesn’t.

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