Q400 Flap Speeds

Hey y’all, I need some help. I’ve read as much as I could find on Q400 landings both here and elsewhere, watched tons of tutorials but still have some issues. After probably a 100 flight hours I’ve got my landing speeds down from initial descent to final, ie 250/180/160/140/120 KIAS etc and descent rates as I approach and when to set flaps and I get butter landings. I’ve got it so I don’t slow jets behind me. So what’s the problem you say? Well, whether I’m on autopilot or manual and I’m at the proper speed to lower flaps my nose bumps, ok, more like bobbles up and down to the point from cockpit few I feel my stomach climb and fall. What’s the magic negative VS rate versus airspeed? My glideslope will also jump up a down, I’ve played with trim, it helps in some cases, usually after re-calibration when I set the tablet down or when the gf makes me do things like take out the trash, anyway, I digress. Any other aircraft it really doesn’t do it. Maybe that’s why I like the aircraft so much, short trips and not a forgiving aircraft if your settings are a bit off and a challenge to fly in less than perfect conditions. It seems I do better with a lot of wind, either, fast headwinds or crosswind, even tailwind than a calm perfect day lol…Either that or just an excuse

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Check it out. Hope it helps


In the plane is some info to about speed and flaps!


Check this out mate

Use the search feature next time. Plenty of topics regarding the Q400. Maintaining an appropriate speed will prevent your nose from bobbing around. Thanks.