Q400 engines on bug

As seen here the engines appear to be turned on however they are not. This bug can be recreated only by looking at the aircraft in normal view at a certain angle. From other angles the engines appear to be turned off.

Test conducted with the Flybe Q400 at EGLC (East apron gate 22)

Just tried and cannot reproduce this one. Did you try restarting your flight?

Try the angle when you are looking from the left of the aircraft @FlightGT

I tried every angle around the plane in normal view as well as different zoom levels. The engine appears to be off all the time.

I’m not too sure, happened after restart for me.

The developers are actively working on fixes with several bugs from the recent update. Whether this one is known or actively being worked on hasn’t been said however. I’ll be hopeful however and hope for someone with more knowledge can say something.

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Couldn’t recreate that but I did end up finding another glitch, dunno if it’s been reported

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I’m not sure why others can’t recreate the glitch?

As requested