Q400 cockpit

Is it me or did IF do something to the Q400 cockpit why is this?

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Nope, nothing has been done since it was last noted in the rework notes a few years ago :)


Correct, a texture lighting was changed and the cockpit was angled down. This is something I’ve noticed many times since I love flying the Dash 8.

Here’s a comparison of before and after 20.2, both are during roughly mid-daytime and are on a default cockpit view.


Taken at CYYZ


Taken at CYQB


Thank you! I knew something was different. Do you know why they did this?

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I have no factual statement on why this was done myself, but can only hope it is for future work!


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe some older aircraft were made with the future intention of giving them soft reworks. This might well be one of them.


I have noticed something different with the cockpit since beta.

The dash and the C-130 cockpits now use the same 3D model as the exterior of the plane, bringing them in line with the rest of the fleet.


Well if it’s happened to the Dash 8 Q400, could it have happened to other aircraft like the 757 as well?

Yes, but they’re so out of date it’s not useful to do this.

For anyone who’s interested… the cockpit camera on the Q400 and the C130s used to be (prior to 20.2) separate from the rest of the aircraft model (like many other older aircraft in IF). The cockpit viewed in the “Cockpit” camera mode was different than if you were to freecam there. I’m guessing this was to improve performance so the sim wouldn’t need to render the rest of the aircraft and can just render the cockpit when in the cockpit view. This caused to some camera issues since the cockpit camera was not actually in the place of the cockpit in the 3D model of the aircraft. For example, this is one of the issues this caused on the A330:

With this update, as Tom pointed out, the cockpit camera is now actually in the place of the cockpit which also solves some vision distortion issues.


I noticed that too. ._.

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Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a downgrade?


I did think this at first but I actually like it way more now, being able to see the yoke, and have a better vision of my surroundings.

I think it looks way better than before!

Yeah but the exterior model is clipping through and the fov is strange…

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I does look worse.


Doesn’t look so “alive” 😂

I liked the old one better.


I like this one better but I dont really like the new C-130 it looks more saran rap like now.


I’ve never seen it… could you post a pic?

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give me a sec.

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