Q400 Biman Bangladesh.

The flight BG060 A Q400 or Biman skids off Yangon Airport Runway In Bangladesh.image
There were 29 passengers, including a child, on-board the flight along with two pilots and two cabin crew members.Nineteen passengers two pilots were admitted to hospital.


commonly known as Biman The airline provides international passenger and cargo services to multiple destinations and has Biman_expands_Q400_fleet-4 The headquarters of the airline, Balaka Bhaban , is located in Kurmitola
Created in February 1972, Biman enjoyed an internal monopoly in the aviation industry of Bangladesh until 1996.[5] In the decades following its founding, the airline expanded its fleet and destinations but it was adversely affected by corruption and mismanagement. At its peak, Biman operated flights to 29 international destinations, extending from New York City in the west to Tokyo in the east. The airline was wholly owned and managed by the government of Bangladesh until 23 July 2007, when it was transformed into the country’s largest public limited company by the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh. Since becoming a public limited company in 2007, the airline has reduced staff and begun to modernise its fleet. The airline had signed a deal with Boeing for ten new aircraft along with options for ten more in 2008.[6] After getting delivery of the new planes, Biman expanded its destinations and increased in-flight amenities, especially onboard Internet and WiFi; mobile telephony; and live TV streams.[7][8] Biman Bangladesh Airlines is certified as safe to fly in Europe by the European Aviation Safety Agency.[9][10] In addition, Biman has also successfully passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit and since then, the airline has resumed flights to some of its previous destinations in Asia and Europe.[

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Current fleet


Biman Boeing 737-800 on short final to Singapore Changi Airport in 2010.


Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 787-8 lands at Shahjahal International Airport in Dhaka in 2018.

As of May 2019, the Biman Bangladesh Airlines fleet included the following aircraft:[142][143]

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Fleet

Boeing 737-800 4 — 12 150 162
Boeing 777-300ER 4 — 35 384 419
Boeing 787-8 2 2 [144] 24 247 271
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 2 3[2] — 74 74 Two on a five-year lease from Smart Aviation.[145][146]


Another one :(
I really hope that everyone is ok. I wish everyone a speedy recovery.


It was just reported that luckily everyone survived.


Hope everyone can walk away from this one!

Prayers go to the ones in hospitals


I hope everyone is okay.

EDIT: Looks like everyone is okay. Finally, some good news!

By the way- Yangon Airport is in Myanmar


Wow another one. My condolences!

I swear to god, 3 in a week. This should hold the record for most aviation incidents in the span of a week. My condolences to all involved.

My thoughts go to the involved ones and their loved ones who are affected by this accident. Prayers go out to the injured and may they recover quickly (19 people hospitalized). Thankfully, everyone survived which is the most important aspect of this accident 🤲

Hopefully, the investigators will look through thoroughly to understand better off what went wrong and to prevent similar accidents to take place in the future.

What we know about (the incident of) BBC060/BG60 so far and General Facts about (S2-AGQ):

The flight, BG60, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, took off as usually from Dhaka Hazrat Sharjalal International Airport, (Dhaka, Bangladesh), to Yangon International Airport (Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)). Upon landing at Yangon Int’l Airport at 6.20pm Local Time, there were thunderstorms in the area, though on touchdown the plane skidded off the runway to the left, where it broke into three separate pieces, leaving 19 out of the 33 passengers, wounded, and sent to hospital immediately. Of the 33 Passengers (incl. Crew), one flight attendant and 19 passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

There are no further reports, on why the plane skidded off the runway, neither any reports of the condition of the injured. The story is still developing at this point. As for the aircraft, S2-AGQ, it was Dash 8 Q400 aircraft, used often for Biman’s less dense and shorter routes with low demand. The aircraft has been in operation since 2011, but with Biman since 2015 when leased from Smart Aviation Company and is one of 3 remaining Dash 8 Q400’s Biman has left.

About Biman: Biman Bangladesh Airlines, or simply known as Biman Bangladesh or Biman for short is the National Flag Carrier of Bangladesh. The airline is a relatively safe airline to fly with. With no major accidents causing any fatalities, the airline has a safety good record in the South Asia region and is certified to be safe and allowed to fly in European airspace. The airline had flights to New York via Birmingham in the past, but were not profitable and later discontinued. They have plans to extend their route network to Tokyo and other nearby destinations. Biman though having an ageing fleet has with the recent addition of 787-8’s, plans to mainly extend their fleet size, but also to eventually push out some of their older, leased 777-300(ER)'s which the contract for are running out soon.


"He said a special Biman flight left Dhaka for Yangon at 11:25pm after receiving permission from Myanmar Civil Aviation to bring back the passengers and crew.

“Operating Captain Anis and First Officer Tabassum are flying it,” he added.

Shakil hoped that the special flight may return to Dhaka around 6am with the victim passengers and crew.

Photographs on social networking sites, including Facebook, showed the plane lying on the grass beside the runway in Yangon airport.

Yangon airport did not confirm the crash but announced that heavy rain had caused them to suspend “runway operations until further notice,” reports AFP." Just to quote.

Added some news

Smart ain’t getting their plane back. :(

There was a few GA Aviation incidents as well. One in Maryland with a helicopter out of Tipton Airport and 3 people sadly died.


Here is what I mean. 4 crashes, 4 days. What a ruthless week.

What a bad aviation year

I’ll be there next week hope we make it safely!

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You’ll be fine,

This plane is a hull loss, but I’m glad that everyone survived

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You may say that just like everyone did by saying 2018 was a terrible year in aviation.
2018 may have been deadlier 2017, 16 and 15 and years before, but it’s still one of the safest years out there.
You all need to stop thinking aviation is getting deadlier and that ‘2019 is a terrible year’ and ‘2019 is a repeat of 2018.’ Yes it would be nice to have another 2017, but that could be another 20 years away statistically speaking.
Also to note more people were killed in one aviation disaster in 1977 than all of 2018.

Another aircraft crash topic (posted by AndrewRG10)

Clearly aviation is deadlier than 2017. So what do you mean we need to stop thinking. It was at an all time low that year and everyone wants it to stay like that, and the fact that it increased is disturbing. Maybe you should consider looking at advances in technology since the 70s-80s and compare it to today. With aircraft becoming newer and up to date with modern technology it would make sense for aviation to be getting safer don’t you think.

No kidding, the deadliest accident in history hapened that year. Like I said have a look at the newer top of the line aircraft we have today, along with new security measures. Remember there was no TSA in 1977, back in those days some aircraft were unfortunately brought down by terrorists.As you can see aviation got safer after 9/11 due largely to all the security precautions that were introduced. So that comparison is just awful.

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