Q400 Approach and Landing Speeds

Hey, guys!

I was wondering, what would be the correct approach and touchdown speeds for the Dash 8 Q400? Thank you for your help!

Safe Flying,

Btw, I’m on final to EHAM, and need that :)

This is the tutorial for it. Hope this helps.


Thank you! It would help a lot, although, I am not allowed on YouTube right now (just because I’ve been on it too much 😅)

I would like to have those replied straight to me. Sorry for the extra step.

Happy Landings,

Here’s another tutorial without requiring you to go on YouTube. Take a look. 🙂

Thank you so much! This helped a lot.


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Glad I can help. happy birthday as well

Thank you! I am 15.

In my state, I have one more year before I can drive a car without a licensed adult in the front seat with me!

Happy birthday man, and congrats on nearly being able to drive a car without an adult 😊

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Thank you very much! 😊

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