Q2 account lost after renewing

Dear staff I have renewed my subscription on a new device and have lost my status as a level 3 pilot. My user name was Atlantic Jet Stream now I am back at level one. Can some support me to link accounts as I can’t this end. It’s very sad to start again and hope my account can be restored. Please contact me and help. Regards Alan

Hi Alan!

It looks like you bought a subscription on a new account that is generated by the game automatically instead of the one linked with Google or Facebook. If this is the case, you can email support@infiniteflight.com or send @schyllberg a Private Message and he will be able to transfer it over.

In your email/ message please include the display name and callsign for both the new account as well as your other one with Grade 3.

Hope this gets solved for you, take care and see you in the skies!


How long has it been since you last flew?

Your flight stats (XP, Landings, etc) are kept but your grade is based off of current flights. If you have not flown in a while that will impact your grade.

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