Q about subscriptions on different devices

So I have a question about subscriptions on multiple devices.

I have Infinite downloaded on my iPhone XR and it is taking up 1/4 of my storage, I need to save some space so I want to delete the app on my phone. I have the app on my iPad so I want to just play on that instead. The subscription for IF is on my phone so I was curious if the subscription would cancel if I deleted the app. Also, my iPad and my phone are on different apple accounts.

  1. If I delete IF on my phone, will my subscription end on my iPad?
  2. Is there any other things that will happen if I delete the app on my phone?

Thanks guys!

If your billing is through the Apple app store you would have to visit the following link to cancel the subscription on your iPhone. It will not cancel just by deleting the app.

Well I still want the subscription, just on my iPad. Basically I am asking if the sub is linked through your IF account and not Apple

The sub is linked to your apple account, unless I’m very much mistaken…

i.e. it won’t matter what device you have the app installed on

It’s linked through your Apple account :)

thanks guys : ) I will delete the app on my phone when I land and see what happens

If you log in with the same IFC account, it should be fine. Just make sure to NOT cancel the subscription on your iPhone, otherwise the IFC account will no longer have access to your subscription. Hope this helps :)

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