Q&A with an IRL pilot

Hi everyone,

Im hoping if its possible for me to ask a few questions off you people for them. Of course ask any questions you would believe would be worth knowing or asking.

Please know that i questions regarding the airline they work for and other questions about the airline or personal questions

Thanks for looking and drop any question below

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what is the salary

Not a pilot, but a simple google search works wonders 🙃

I dont think that would be an ok question to ask

You can just look at the pay rate tables on APC which has aircraft type on the X axis and Seniority on the Y.
Multiply that by the minimum guaranteed hours and you have a basic idea…it’s all public information

I’m confused what the actual question is…😂

Good news and lucky timing! My group is having an AMA (Question and Answer event) with a commercial pilot and flight instructor today if you’d like to ask your questions.


Awesome! Great information I’m sure.

Did you just plug your own thing?

I’m not if I’m understanding OP’s question.

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