PZL/Sikorsky M28 Skytruck

The SkyTruck!


The PZL M28 Skytruck is a Polish STOL light cargo and passenger plane, produced by PZL Mielec. The M28 is a twin-engined high-wing strutted monoplane with an all-metal airframe, twin vertical fins and a tricycle fixed landing gear. It is capable of Short takeoff & landing along with being in hot and high altitude operations. Due to it’s Aerodynamically deployed leading edge slats when approaching stall speed enable a 64 knot, low stall speed and while the certification landing field is 1,640 ft. , PZL has demonstrated landing in 512 ft! There’s in et air ducts inertial separators and inverted configuration of the PT6 and the high wing configuration protect the engines and propellers against foreign object damage for unprepared runways operations.
Multiple configurations are available: a 19-passenger 2-1 seating, and an underbelly luggage pod. The cargo aircraft is able carry 1,540 lbs of cargo. There’s a VIP style M28, a medivac which can carry up to 17 stretchers, A Search and rescue variant, a 17-seat paratroope drop version; an 18-passenger utility cabin. There is also talks of making the Skytruck into an aerial fire bomber.
The Skytruck can take off in 1,800 ft at the 16,534 lb (MTOW) while the max cargo payload is over 5,000lbs.
176 An-28s and M28s in all variants were built in Poland by 2006. Most numerous users are former Soviet civil aviation and the Polish Air Force and Navy (about 25 as of 2006), smaller numbers are used by the Polish civil aviation and in the United States, Nepal, Colombia, Venezuela, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Variants of the M28

PZL M28 Skytruck
Development variant with redesigned fuselage and wings, new Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, new (western) avionics, 5-blade rotors, and some other minor changes.

Variant flown by USAF Special Operations Warfare Center. Similar to Skytruck, but with Pratt and Whitney PT6A-65B Turboprops.

PZL M28B Bryza 1R
Maritime patrol and reconnaissance variant.

PZL M28 05 Skytruck
Maritime patrol and SAR variant for the Polish Boarder Patrol.

Civilian and Military Operators


JAGS Aviation Guyana

Indonesia National Police

United States of America
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Arizona Department of Safety


Ecuadorian Army

Estonian Air Force


Royal Jordanian Air Force

Nepalese Army Air Service

Polish Air Force
Polish Navy
Polish Border Guard

United States of America
United States Air Force
318th Special Operations Squadron
6th Special Operations Squadron
711th Special Operations Squadron

Venezuelan Army
Venezuelan National Guard

Vietnam People’s Air Force

Specifications of the Skytruck

General Information

Crew: 2
Capacity: 19 Passengers (Or 17 paratroopers)
Payload: 5070lbs
Length: 43ft
Wingspan: 72.38ft
Height: 16.08ft
Empty Weight: 9,601 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight: 16,534 lbs
Fuel Complicity: 602 US Gals (3,894 lbs)
Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65B turboprops, 1,100 shp each
Propeller: five-blade Hartzell HC-B5MP-3D10876ASK fully feathering reversible constant-speed propellers.

Performance Information

Max Speed: 192 knts
Cruise Speed: 132 knts (Long Range)
Stall Speed: 65 Knots (MTOW)
Minimum Controllable speed: 83 knts
Range: 860 nmi With 45 minutes reserve
Ferry Range: 1,700 nmi
Endurance: 6.2 hours at 10,000ft
Service Ceiling: 25,000 ft
Rate of Climb: 2,420 ft /m
Take off Length: 1,800 ft
Landing Length: 1,640 ft

Why we need another Turbo Prop?

Infinite Flight lacks both Turbo Props, and STOL aircraft, a Mutli engine turbo prop that can be used as a passenger aircraft, cargo aircraft, Military aircraft and have the ability to be a STOL aircraft at the same time is something I believe IF needs. The ability of this aircraft would be great specially for back country operations. Also having several Military versions you can have all different variants to make everyone happy, a Civilian passenger, civilian cargo, military operations.
Plus it’s an ugly aircraft and we need more of those!

Video of the Skytruck

I mean it definitely looks funny :D
Nevertheless I’d rather have a more „common“ STOL like the twin otter.

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When I saw sikorsky I was thinking oh no here goes Mark again trying to get helicopters. Now I realise it’s a plane that plane is pretty cool looks great as well.

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I’d like the twotter too but I’d like the Skytruck

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It’s so fat and adorable…


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